The World’s Largest Gantry Crane - Taisun

Wire Ropes and Pulley Blocks for Taisun

The World’s Largest Floating Crane
- Blue Whale

Forged Steel Wire Rope Slings and Shackles

Beijing National Stadium for 2008 Olympic Games (Bird's Nest)

Riggings for Construction of Bird's Nest

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Steel Tie Rods

Changshou Cable-Stayed Bridge

Cables for Construction of Bridge

Taisun, the world's largest gantry crane, with an unprecedented lifting capacity of 20,000 tonnes

The crane, capable of muscling up to 10,000 Mercedes Benz cars in one lift, allows the mating of an entire outfitted deck box of a semi-submersible rig onto its hull/pontoons in one single operation. This reduces work hazards at high altitudes and in the open sea. The lifting of the complete deck box reduces man-hours by as much as half.

The following brand products are part of Taisun's key components

Wire ropes

     Construction: 8×36WS+IWR

     Diameter: 50 mm

Pulley Blocks

     Amount of units: 96

     Load per unit: 420 tonnes

Blue Whale, the world's largest self-propelled, floating and fully-revolving crane, with an impressive lifting capacity of 7,500 tonnes

“The new crane may reinforce the offshore platform and play an important role in oil-gas field exploration,” said China Offshore Oil Engineering Co Ltd (COOEC), the owner of the jumbo floating crane.

The following brand products are part of Blue Whale's key components

Forged steel wire rope slings

     Diameter: 110 mm

High-strength shackles

     Load per shackle: 150 tonnes

Beijing National Stadium for 2008 Olympic Games (Bird's Nest)

This stadium was used throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. This US$423 million stadium is the world's largest steel structure.

The following brand products are part of Bird's Nest's key components

Roof safety and security system

     Consisting of forging slings

     Amount of slings: 464

     Adjusting devices and shock-absorbing devices

All riggings for construction

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

The Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center covers over 22,000 square meters. The building stands up to 60 meters, including 6 floors above the ground level and 2 floors beneath it. It has 25 meeting rooms and a hall to accommodate about 3,000 people.

The following brand products are part of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center's key components

Steel tie rods with high-strength

     Diameter: 55 mm to 150 mm

     Intension grades: 460 to 550

     Total weight of steel tie rods used: 2800 tonnes

Changshou Cable-Stayed Bridge

The Changshou bridge is a cable-stayed bridge that spans China's Yangtze River, with spans of 207, 460 and 207 meters.

The following brand products are part of Changshou Cable-Stayed Bridge's key components


     φ7 ×127

     φ7 ×139

     φ7 ×163

     φ7 ×199

     φ7 ×241

     φ7 ×283