Model: YSD 2000

Model: YSD 1000

Model: YSD 500

Model: YSD 300


Pressing Machines for Steel Wire Rope Slings

These pressing machines for steel wire rope slings are developed by the Juli Sling CO.,LTD. They are used to press ferrules on wire ropes to make sling. We carry these machines for sale.


YSD 2000

YSD 1000

YSD 500

YSD 300

Strong resistance to corrosion

Less material consumed

Highly efficient

Heavy Working Load

Small size, lightweight

Excellent durability

Easy to operate

Comply with DIN3093.s and GB6946-93 standards

Advantages of pressed wire rope slings

High working load limit

Perfect pressed shape for wire rope slings

Excellent cauterization resistance

Saving wire rope cost

Ensure exact length as desired

Good solution to work with limited working space